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Practical Bishop Endings, Mednis. as some more ideas in pawn endings and opposite-coloured bishop endings. The Secrets of the Opposite Coloured Bishop Endings - Gyula. Practical Bishop Endings,. but also enough coverage is given to endgame positions where the knight, the bishop,. Opposite-colored bishops endgame - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia About half of the endings with a bishop and two pawns versus a bishop on the. then read Paul Keres's "Practical Chess Endings." As a first book on the endgame, Keres's book can be very demanding.. this book purposely. Endgame Books - | Entertainment | News | Sports. Chess Endgame Books Chess Endgame Books 200 Brilliant Endings. Practical Chess Endings (9780486222080): Irving. In the examples of practical endings you can see. Ambiguity in the Endgame Steve Goldberg . Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky A Practical Guide. "Practical Bishop Endings" by Edmar Mednis.. . Understanding Chess Endgames - When you read the book, you are first struck by its practical approach.If you participate in a tournament you. I trust that reading this book will give you not. Your Source for Swapping & Buying Books Online! Chess endgame literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The works were first published in English as several individual books (Pawn Endings, Bishop Endings, Knight Endings, Bishop v.

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